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Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair

Dried and damaged hair, which is found out in most of women, may be the consequence of wrong hair caring method during a long time.

Many women feel annoying and lost confident, because of their damaged and tangled hair. It not only prevents you from creating many fashionable styles, but it also makes all your shampoos and conditioners become deactivated. Let try to figure out the reasons and proper solutions.

Weather changes

Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair

Sunlight is one of the most dangerous factors to damage and dry your hair. We should use spray conditioner and protect your hair from sunlight of 10:00 AM to 04:00 PM.

With the sudden seasons’ temperature change, the hair will be more prone to be damaged if you do not change your way of hair care. In the winter, we usually spend almost time staying at home beside the heaters, which will lead to take away the necessary humidity of skin and hair. Additionally, summer with its hot weather can support sweat to create greasy or dry hair due to losing humidity balance.

Abuse of hair care products

Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair 2

Abuse of hair care products might lead to counterproductive.

As usual, we think that using as many care products as possible to provide more and more nutrition for a strong and smooth hair. Nevertheless, according to many stylists, some hair care therapies like oil absorption or hair brewing sometimes become counterproductive. The explanation for this could be that when you add a huge number of nutrition in a short time, protein will be stored and make hair “heavy”, weaken hair follicles; therefore, your hair becomes brittle.

Hormonal change

Hormonal changes due to physiological changes such as pregnancy, menopause or taking birth control pills may significantly influence to the women hair and skin.

Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair 4

Physiological changes can cause some symptoms of hair loss or dry skin.

When there are hormonal changes, the imbalance will occur to cause dry and brittle hair as well as rough skin. When you encounter this situation, you should consult the specialists to guide appropriate treatment.

Using inappropriate shampoos

Shampoos designed for each specialized hair type are produced with completed differences in the ingredients. As a result, if you do not use the suitable shampoo for your status of hair, it can make your hair seriously damaged. For example, when is out of shampoo, some women try a temporary shampoo used by others in the family though their hair is not consistent with the product.

Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair 5

Let know your hair then decide to choose the most proper shampoo for your hair.

In this case, according to the experts, it is better to be temporarily discharged the hair thoroughly with water to eliminate oil and dirt instead of using a temporary shampoo unfit for hair.

Brushing wet hair

When being wet, hair is very fragile and vulnerable to be damaged by water because each hairpiece become more stretched and easy to fracture than dry hair. Therefore, take a note that you should avoid brushing wet hair.

Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair 6

Brushing wet hair will increase the risk of hair loss

In addition to that, you should not brush your hair with plastic thick-tooth comb. It is recommended to use wooden wide-tooth comb to limit friction, reduce hair loss and massage the scalp to stimulate blood circulation.

Drying and styling hair frequently

Six factors cause your dried and damaged hair 7

Exposing to high temperatures too often is a bad habit to accidentally weaken and easily damage your hair.

The habit of shampooing and drying hair in high temperatures every day or using heat hairpins and curling locks often is not good for your hair at all. Your hair will be lost natural oils to protect the hair. Consequently, hair follicles become weak, easy to brittle and loss, split ends as well.



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