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Best motorcycle Helmet

Possibilities of hazard can lie in anywhere or anything, and according to the National Safety Council, the US is on track to have its deadliest traffic year over the past 10 years. Thus, driving, without doubt, should be always accompanied by protective equipment items; and in terms of motorcycling, that is motorcycle helmets. A motorcycle helmet by nature is a hard headwear; however, the matter is not only whether you put it on your top to cover your brain during an impact or accident, but also how you can make the best use of this gear. It can be argued that motorcycle helmets can pose a serious hindrance to your vision, neck and hearing, yet there is no truth in this rumor. A motorcycle helmet aims to cap your head, shield your face and guard your life. It helps the rider avoid traffic crashes that possibly result in scalp and face injuries, brain concussion, cervical breakage or even death. This makes wearing motorcycle helmets the single most effective way to reduce head-related damages and fatalities. Credits: http://riderswestmag.com/motorcyclezone/article/bcs_new_motorcycle_safety_laws Before using one, you must have one. Shopping is pleasant, but it should be wise as well. A clever, sensible buying choice will offer you the fittest helmet, and if so, you must be firstly well aware of your head’s shape and size. To get the right size, measure your head from about 2.5 cm above your eyebrows to the lowest point at the back and then you have its perimeter. As for your head’s shape, this falls between long oval, intermediate oval and round oval types. Use a mirror, hold it high over your top body part and take a look down. After getting informed of your head size & shape, go for a helmet that best fits these 02 measurements. Yet remember to sort yourself as the right type of riders: whether you are a true beginner or you will soon join a race. The market now offers you umpteen categories of best motorcycle helmets: full-face, open (half-face), modular, or off-road, etc. Therefore, understanding your need will hand you the best purchase. Now it’s time to find your helmet and don’t forget to try it on! On wearing it, you must ensure that it will not fall out your head in the event of an impact or crash. Do not overlook this, since your act can save or cost a life. This step-by-step procedure can be concisely presented as follows: Hold your motorcycle helmet by the chin strap. Place your thumbs inside both the left and right straps. Then use the rest of each hand to balance your headgear. Check if the inner lining greatly fit your head and if the helmet is tightly placed on it. Make sure the cheek pads touch your cheeks and the brow pad fully covers your temples. Do this little test: If your skin moves when the helmet moves, it is perfectly fit. Fasten your straps and off you ride!

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